Silversmith Scotland, Marion Kane Scottish Silversmith

Marion Kane is an award winning Scottish silversmith based in West Kilbride, Ayrshire. She has been creating silver art works and utensils for over a decade. During this time Marion has done nothing but strive for excellence, winning lots of awards from all over the country. Many of her masterpieces are in museums or made for celebrity's such as Ewan McGregor; but don't let that scare you away. Marion prides herself in making pieces that can be used in everyday life and reflects this by using textures and shapes that may seem boring and mundane to everyone else.

Works Of Art

Here is an example of some of Marion's best pieces, most of these items are currently in museums but can be ordered in the commissions section along with more information and pictures on each item.

For the names of each item, hover your mouse over the thumbnails : )

Site Layout

Welcome to Marion's brand new web site. In the “Silversmith” section, you will find details about Marion, her many awards and links to articles in the media and exhibitions she has done. She has also written about her styles, inspiration and techniques. You will also find a link to her Curriculum Vitae for more detailed information about her expertise.

In the “Silverware” section, you will find a large array of Marion's pieces, from her works of art which span museums across the whole of the uk, to her every day pieces made for you and me. Marion loves creating unique custom made items, from small jewellery items for any occasion, or special ones like weddings, to pieces you can use for practical household use for him or her.

In the “Commissions” section you will see examples of Marion's bespoke work and find out details on how to create and order your own. Any of the items you see on this site are hand crafted by Marion herself and can be created and customised to suit any size or shape, big or small.

If you like what you see and want to know more, feel free to get Marion's contact details in the “Contact” section. Marion Kane is now a Verified Pay Pal member and can take orders, or discuss any requirements you may need over the phone, making payment and customisation a simple task.