Making A Commission

By now you will have seen lots of Marion's work and might be wondering how to get your hands on some of it. When creating this site Marion wanted purchasing any items to be a simple process.

As you will have seen by now there are lots of examples of marions work in the silverware section. Those items should be able to give you a feel and an idea of Marion's broad range of creativity.

Any of those items and many more can be custom made to any size or shape, feel free to phone Marion just for a chat to get an idea of what she's working on now, or to find out whats fresh on the shelf. Like any fashion item, silver evolves as time goes on and as the silversmith surrounds themselves in a whirlwind of creativity.

Ewan McGregor Coffee Set Statement

"The initial concept for the coffee pot was to portray Ewan's love of biking and the importance of anonymity when he hits the road. Ewan's only request was to be able to have a huge mug of coffee from a chunky receptacle. I therefore thought the set had to be simple yet strong in form so I found myself being inspired by the practicalities of camping and being out on the road. This led to me to taking ideas from sections of motorbikes and portable liquid receptacles hence the pieces having a machined look. The final design gave me the challenge of making the set using engineering and traditional silversmithing techniques, yet still retaining my consideration for surface quality."

Price Range

Silverware prices start from £90.00 up to £15,000, jewellery prices start from £25.00 up to £7,000 but every piece is different depending on how its tailor made for your own needs.