Marion kane's Statement

Using a selection of old worn hammers I strike a mixture of rough and subtle surfaces onto metal objects that I have constructed from sheet silver using hand raising and traditional fabricating techniques. The textures give a contrast to the smooth highly polished finish we associate with older silverware. My ideas are drawn from textures and patterns seen in everyday life: the winter branches of coastal trees, ever changing markings in the sand, fabrics and industrial structures. I use simple fluid forms that enhance these surfaces with occasional touches of gold to add warmth and contrast. My aim is to encourage the owner to feel and explore the surfaces, and no longer consider silver as too precious to use.

Pictures Of Marion

Marion's Technique

Using a selection of worn hammers that I have diligently collected over my working life, I strike a mixture of rough and subtle textures into unique silver objects to create an artwork that flows with form and originality.

Each creation starts as a flat silver sheet and is hand raised into a variety of different designs, using a repeated hammering action on metal stakes to create the three dimensional form. The patination of the surface is an integral part of the design and my inspiration comes from the textures and patterns that we see in every day life.

Marion's Curriculum Vitae

Here is Marion's Curriculum Vitae, both in Rich Text format, and Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Please right click and choose "save as" for the rich text document.